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Updated: Sept 21, 2014
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The empty cross - our victory! FIASELLA Domenico, The stoning of Saint stephen
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
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Inviting our neighbor to experience a relationship with God.

September 28
Pastor Richard Goodlin, Emeritus, will be our guest preacher.
He and Marg will be honored at our after-service brunch.
We would like to have a potluck brunch this week. Please, bring your favorite dish to share.
October 4 - Saturday - Fall Clean-up Day
8AM - Noon - Many Hands make For Light Work:
1. Outside work indncludes cleaning up our vegetable garden.
2. Cleaning out the basement - Men, we need some real muscles behind this effort.
3. Cleaning the original Church building on Courtney Road.
4. Washing windows.
October 5 - Sunday
During the coffee hour, SS will listen to the Profile Committee regarding the qualities and how SS will support the new minister.
Flu Shots
After worship service, SS will again have a flu shot clinic; the price of the shot is $29.99. There is no charge for those on Medicare.
Please, sign up to receive the shots so that we are prepared.
October 18 - Saturday
From 8am to 2pm, SS will host a yard sale - Contact the Church office.
Profile Committee
Jennifer Bertsch, Ginny Kelly, Dick Moser, Nancy Showacre, Carole Timanus.